"Truly the easiest way to read someones text messages in complete privacy........"
Read Any and all text messages ever sent from or to any mobile device

See complete phone call history and mobile browsing history (such as facebook and twitter)
Complete and total privacy - see complete phone logs online without ever having to touch the phone
How To Read Someone's Emails
Ever since we launch this website, we get the occasional email asking how it's possible to spy on someone's computer and read the person's emails.  Just like cell phone's, people use their computer for so much and if you can see what they use their computer for, you can get full details about their personal life and what they're up to.

Not only will computer monitoring software let you read someone's emails, but you'll be able to see everything that they do online.

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This means that you can see their facebook messages, the websites they go to and what they type (including passwords), any instant messaging chats, the programs they use and anything else that takes place on the computer.

Computer monitoring software is designed to work in a similar way to cell phone monitoring software.  You install it on the computer you want to spy on and then can login to a website to see all of the history from the computer.

You'll see screenshots of the websites visited, complete details on any emails sent or received and much more....

And the software is completely invisible so that you're the only that knows that the computer is being monitored.  Anyone else who uses the computer can't see the monitoring software in any way and it doesn't appear in any programs list.

So you can have the confidence in knowing that you'll be able to use the software to read someone's emails and get the answers you need without worrying about anyone knowing about what you're doing.

It's powerful stuff and a great tool to use when you need to find out what somebody is up to on their computer.

You can use it to find out if someone is cheating on you, if your children are being safe online, to monitor employees if you own a business and a lot more.

Our recommended computer monitoring software is called SniperSpy - it blows away the competition in terms of features and comes at a much lower price than other programs that we tested.  

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